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Numerous articles have been written about our partnership with Perdue Farms in which the poultry company is blending our innovative plant protein formula into its chicken nuggets and patties.


Food Navigator wrote about our work in 2018, quoting one of our investors, a major animal agriculture CEO:

If I were in the horse carriage industry, I hope I'd invest in Henry Ford. Plant-based proteins are on the upswing, and The Better Meat Co. can help serve as a bridge to further mainstream them.

Food Navigator covered our work again in 2019, noting that "foodservice companies are increasingly open to blended meat products for health reasons."

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Meat and Poultry featured our work in 2019, touting that “It’s not just ‘impossible this’ and ‘beyond that’ plant-based proteins stealing meat department space and menu listings, so are blended products containing both meat and plant.” It also did a separate interview with us, citing citing data from The Power of Meat 2019 study finding that 76% of consumers already do or would consider purchasing blended meat products.

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The Spoon described what we’re doing in 2018 as refreshingly realistic.”

The Spoon discussed our work again in 2019, saying The Better Meat Co. is "a clever way to reduce meat consumption without asking consumers to compromise or adjust their dining habits."


Idea Mensch interviewed one of our cofounders in 2018 about early-stage entrepreneurship and how we’re helping to build a more sustainable food system.