Why Blend?

Take a look at some applications of our product above, all of which include one-third Better Meat Co. pork enhancer and two-thirds pork - from Better beer brats to Thai meatballs, we can help you make your meat better!

Demand for meat is going up, both in the U.S. and globally, which poses strains on humanity’s ability to sustainably feed ourselves. On average, animal proteins have a heavier footprint than plant proteins. For example, raising livestock takes about 80% of all agricultural land and produces just 18% of the world’s calories. That’s why, for example, replacing 30% of beef with mushrooms in the 10 billion burgers served annually in the US would reduce emissions equivalent to taking two million cars off the roads, according to the World Resources Institute.

We love fully-plant-based meats, yet we also know that they still represent less than one percent of the total meat market, both in America and internationally. That’s to say that even quadrupling the demand for plant-based meats would result in a situation where still nearly all meat comes from animals.

That’s where blending comes in. By partnering with us at The Better Meat Co., we can help you, our food service customers and meat processors:

  • Enhance taste and texture of your products

  • Improve the health profile of your products by reducing calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol

  • Improve the environmental footprint of your products, helping you achieve your corporate sustainability goals

  • All at cost-competitive prices


Our cofounder Joanna Bromley explains in this short talk at the 2018 Good Food Conference why blending is a win-win!