TIME Magazine and Statista Name The Better Meat Co. a Top GreenTech Company

March 5, 2024

TIME Magazine and Statista Name The Better Meat Co. a Top GreenTech Company

Startup uses fermentation to transform microscopic fungi into high-quality alt-meat ingredients 

For Immediate Release: March 5, 2024

Sacramento, Calif.—TIME magazine and Statista have named The Better Meat Co. as one of America’s Top GreenTech companies in its inaugural ranking.

Addressing the critical challenge of how to sustainably feed the world, The Sacramento-based food tech startup has pioneered a method of fermentation that transforms microscopic fungi into a high-quality meat alternative ingredient known as Rhiza™ mycoprotein. As a business-to-business ingredients company, The Better Meat Co. offers Rhiza to food companies as both an ingredient in animal-free meats and as an ingredient to enhance animal meat’s texture, price, and sustainability. 

In addition to its extremely meat-like texture, Rhiza mycoprotein is an all-natural whole food that’s common allergen-free. The ingredient has more protein than eggs, more iron and zinc than beef, more fiber than oats, and more potassium than bananas. Unlike animal-based meat, Rhiza mycoprotein has no cholesterol, no saturated fat, and no trans fats. As well, whereas animals take months or even years of growing before slaughter, The Better Meat Co.’s process takes mere hours to go from seed to harvest.

“To feed humanity without destroying the planet, rather than going big with animal farming, we must go small with microbial farming,” said Better Meat Co. CEO Paul Shapiro. “By harnessing the power of fermentation, we can lessen our reliance on animal agriculture and leave a greener planet for future generations to come.”

The Better Meat Co. has been granted four patents on its processes. Already, its mycoprotein has been consumed by tens of thousands of consumers in the form of various animal-free steaks, foie gras, carne asada, tacos, chicken cutlets, bacon, tuna, deli slices, sausage, jerky, and more.