Our Mission

Let’s face it: The planet just isn’t getting any bigger, but humanity’s footprint on our planet is getting bigger. In fact, a lot bigger. A huge contributor to that footprint is our food-print, principally the amount of meat we eat.

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It’s no longer a secret:

It takes a huge amount of land, water, greenhouse gases, and more to raise and slaughter billions of animals for food. But what if we could satiate humanity’s meat-tooth without the need to raise so many animals?

That’s exactly what we’re working to do at The Better Meat Co. 

Just as humans have learned how to produce energy without fossil fuels, every day we’re working to advance all-natural protein technologies to recreate the meat experience without animals. 

We’re laser-focused on solving the meat sustainability crisis our planet faces. By harnessing the power of fermentation, we’re working to enable our species to enjoy all the meat we crave, but with a tiny sliver of the footprint we currently have on the planet and animals. 

In short, we aspire to revolutionize the meat industry by creating a new and better way to make meat. It will be delicious; it will be satisfying; and it will be affordable. And it will create a cleaner, greener planet for all of us to enjoy.